Unicorn Caitie

Finding Your Mindful Super Powers

By Loraine Burt

Illustrated by Madison Denommé-Warren

Join Sam and her friends as they explore a Mindfulness class with their teacher Unicorn Caitie. In class the kids talk about their thoughts and feelings and learn to practice yoga, breath awareness and meditation. Unicorn Caitie calls these practices Mindful Super Powers. From Mountain Pose Breathing to the Let Go Breath to the Feel Good Meditation, Unicorn Caitie teaches the kids how much fun it is to practice Mindfulness!


About the Author


Loraine Burt

Teaching yoga, breath awareness and mindful movement practices to adults, families and children, is Lori’s passion. In writing Unicorn Caitie she has created a book to share some of these experiences with others. Lori believes that when we have a safe place to explore our breath, our body and our emotions, we may come to understand ourselves and others a little bit better. Unicorn Caitie has been designed in a way where children, teachers and parents can all join in on the experience of tapping into their own internal Mindful Super Powers.

About the Illustrator

Madison Denommé-Warren

Unicorn Caitie is Madison’s third adventure in children’s book illustration. She co-illustrated Mommy, am I pretty? as well as Awesome Inside + Out!. Through her participation in all three of these projects, Madison has wonderfully illustrated how beauty and kindness come from within. Along with illustrating and painting, Madison enjoys the sciences and volleyball.

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